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What Is EazyEFT ?
  • EazyEFT is an easy to use application that generates SEPA compliant PAIN.008 (direct debits) and PAIN.001 (bulk credit payments) XML files for uploading to your bank.

    So for example, if you were thinking of offering your customers the option of paying you by direct debit, then you would need a piece of software to produce a file in the format required by your bank. That's where EazyEFT comes in.
What Size Organisation Is EazyEFT Suitable For ?
  • EazyEFT is currently being used by hundreds of Irish, UK and European based organisations in 11 different countries across a wide range of industries, ranging from those doing a handful (4 or 5) transactions per month, right up to organisations doing in excess of 25,000 transactions a month.

    No matter what the size of your organisation, EazyEFT can help.
Features & Benefits
  • Fully SEPA compliant
  • Both SEPA Direct Debit Scheme (SDD) and SEPA Credit Transfer Scheme (SCT) supported
  • SEPA Business Service (B8S) supported (direct debits)
  • Generate SEPA PAIN.008 (direct debits) and SEPA PAIN.001 (bulk credit payments) XML files for upload to your bank
  • PAIN.001 file supports both SCT (SEPA Credit Transfer) and MCY (Multi Currency) formats
  • No minimum/maximum number of transactions
  • Manage pre-settlement rejects and post-settlement returns using the SEPA PAIN.002 XML files generated by your bank
  • Full SEPA direct debit mandate management
  • Automatic calculation of earliest possible collection date based on D-6 (FRST) and D-3 (RCUR) rules
  • Calendar of SEPA non-processing dates
  • Fully Multi User (at no additional per user cost)
  • Comprehensive online help
  • Comprehensive security (including Active Directory support)
  • Full transactional history
  • Reuse previously created files
  • Convert AIB flat files to SEPA compliant PAIN.008 XML files (direct debits)
  • Convert existing EMT and BACS files to SEPA compliant PAIN.001 XML files (bulk credit payments)
  • Convert AIB MCY flat files to SEPA compliant PAIN.001 XML files (bulk credit payments)
  • Convert SWIFT MT103 files to SEPA compliant PAIN.001 XML files (bulk credit payments)
  • Convert Swedish SISU files to SEPA compliant PAIN.001 XML files (bulk credit payments)
  • Generate old style STD18 EMT/BACS files for non-Eurozone banks
  • Import transactional data from ANY third party system that can generate an Excel / CSV / Delimited file (in an agreed format)
  • Import transactional data direct from your SQL Server database via agreed Stored Procedure
  • We currently have EazyEFT Customers importing data from SAP, Sage, Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV, QuickBooks, TAS, Xero, Curves OS (that we know of)
  • Customised integration supported (please contact us to discuss)
Watch The Videos
  • To watch the EazyFT videos please click
All Major Banks Supported
  • Click here to see a list of currently supported banks.
Fully Functional Evaluation
  • We firmly believe that the best way to evaluate any piece of software is to try it out. We therefore have a fully functional evaluation version of EazyEFT that you can download, install and evaluate (at no cost and with no obligation). Simply click here to go to our downloads page.
How Much Does EazyEFT Cost ?
  • Click here for pricing and ordering information.
Got A Question ?
  • If you have any further questions or queries in relation to EazyEFT or SEPA in general, then please contact our Customer Helpline number above, or email us at

Minimum System Requirements

Windows 7

Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows 8

Windows 10

Windows 10

Windows Server 2008

Windows Server

Windows Server 2012

Windows Server

Windows Server 2016

Windows Server

If you have any queries about the suitability of your particular system, please fill out our feedback form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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