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EazyEFT License Installation

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer as your browser, follow the steps below to install your EazyEFT License file. If you are using a different browser then please click on the appropriate icon above.

When you originally purchased EazyEFT, you would have received a confirmation email with the subject 'EazyEFT License File : Your Company Name'. If you have recently renewed your license, the subject will be 'Updated EazyEFT License File : Your Company Name'. You will need a copy of this email to hand in order to install your license file as follows :-

1) If EazyEFT is currently running on your machine then please exit out of it, otherwise your license file will NOT install correctly.

2) Once you have ensured that EazyEFT is not currently running on your machine, please click on the link within the EazyEFT license file confirmation email. This should open your browser and you should see a screen similar to the following :-

EazyEFT License Installation

3) Now click on the 'EazyEFT License File - Your Company Name' download button (as highlighted above).

4) If prompted to Run or Save, click on Run (as shown below) and then just follow the on screen prompts.

EazyEFT License Installation

5) Once the installation is complete, log in to EazyEFT as normal. Now click on the About button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Check that both the 'Registered To' and the 'License Expires On' date are displayed correctly (similar to the example below).

About EazyEFT

6) If you have EazyEFT running on more than one machine, then you will need to repeat the above steps on ALL machines currently running EazyEFT.

If having followed the above steps and you are still having an issue installing your license file, then please contact our Customer Helpline number above.

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