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SEPA Direct Debits


Bulk Payments

Made Easy
If you are looking to quickly and easily generate

SEPA compliant


(direct debits) and/or PAIN.001 (bulk credit payments)


files for uploading to your bank then you have come to the right place.
Currently being used by hundreds of organisations across all the major banks,


makes the SEPA process easy.
See the complete list of Features & Benefits or to watch the EazyFT videos click
All Major Banks Supported
Currently being used by customers of the major








in 12 different countries, EazyEFT should also work in theory with ANY bank within the


that supports the SEPA PAIN.008 and PAIN.001

file formats

. Please see our list of Currently Supported Banks
Fully Functional Evaluation
Fully Functional Evaluation
We firmly believe that the best way to evaluate any piece of software is to try it out. We therefore have a fully functional evaluation version of EazyEFT that you can download, install and evaluate (at no cost and with no obligation). Simply go to our Downloads Page
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