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Uninstalling EazyEFT

Last updated 25 March 2020


When you originally installed EazyEFT on a particular machine, it would also have installed Firebird, which EazyEFT uses as it's underlying database.

In order to completely uninstall EazyEFT from a machine, you will also need to uninstall Firebird.


First ensure that you are logged into the local machine as the Administrator (or equivalent).

Now go into Control Panel >> Programs and Features and scroll down until you see 'EazyEFT SEPA Edition'. Just below it you should also see 'Firebird 2.5.x.xxxxx'

Programs and Features

Double click 'EazyEFT SEPA Edition' and follow the on screen prompts to uninstall EazyEFT.

Double click 'Firebird 2.5.x.xxxxx' and follow the on screen prompts to uninstall Firebird.

By design a number of files will NOT be automatically uninstalled and these will need to be deleted manually (as follows).

Browse to your 'C:\Program Files' folder

If you have a 'Lir Software' folder, delete it.

If you have a 'Firebird' folder, delete it.

If you have are running a 64 bit version of Windows, now browse to your 'C:\Program Files (x86)' folder

If you have a 'Lir Software' folder, delete it.

If you have a 'Firebird' folder, delete it.

EazyEFT and Firebird have now been completely removed from this machine.

EazyEFT Data File

As mentioned previously, by design a number of files are NOT automatically uninstalled and are 'left behind' when you uninstall EazyEFT from a machine. The most important of these is your EazyEFT data file

All your EazyEFT data is contained in a single database file called EazyEFT.SepaEdition.Data.fdb and by default this file will be in a 'C:\ProgramData\Lir Software\EazyEFT SEPA Edition\DataFiles' folder on your existing standalone machine or on your server.

Important : The folder you are looking for is 'C:\ProgramData' which is completely different to 'C:\Program Files'.

The 'C:\ProgramData' folder is normally hidden and may not be visible when you try to browse all the folders on your C: drive. If this is the case then simply type 'C:\ProgramData' in to the top of the Windows Explorer address bar (as shown below) to show the contents of this hidden folder.

Program Data Folder

If this machine was previously just a client machine, then you may not have a 'C:\ProgramData\Lir Software' folder.

If however this machine was previously your standalone machine or your server then if you browse to the 'C:\ProgramData\Lir Software\EazyEFT SEPA Edition\DataFiles' folder, you should see the EazyEFT.SepaEdition.Data.fdb in this folder.

Program Data Folder

Very Important : Only delete this file when you are happy that EazyEFT has been migrated successfully to your new machine or to your new server. If you are in any doubt whatsoever, back this file up to a USB key or to an external hard disk, just in case.

If having followed the above steps and you are still having an issue uninstalling EazyEFT, then please contact our Customer Helpline number above.

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